I have PrivatAccess and want to speak with an English-speaking psychologist. Does it work?

Yes, we can offer that if you have a case that is covered by the insurance.

You can report a new case for assessment via our app if it is not emergency and if you have Private medical insurance PrivatAccess Silver or PrivatAccess Gold.

When you seek care via the app, you immediately receive a ticket to book a telephone appointment for a psychological assessment with one of Euro Accident's psychologists. They are English speaking. They can also book appointments with English speaking psychologists through our network of caregivers.

Read here how to seek care via the app.

You cannot report a new case via the app if you have PrivatAccess Bronze or if you are co-insured through your parents. In that case, call: 0771–10 50 10. See opening hours

If your problems are acute, you need to turn to emergency care. Emergency care is not included in PrivatAccess.
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