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Do Euro Accident’s insurance policies cover reimbursement in relation to coronavirus/Covid-19?

Is reimbursement permitted in relation to coronavirus/Covid-19?
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  • Euro Accident’s insurance terms contain an exemption for illness and death as a consequence of infection covered by the Communicable Diseases Act.

    Euro Accident has decided not to apply the exemption for the coronavirus (COVID-19). The decision applies to all Euro Accident products apart from PrivatAccess.

    In other words, Euro Accident’s other insurance products cover illness and death as a consequence of COVID-19 (coronavirus) if other conditions governing the entitlement to reimbursement have been met and the travel advice of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has been followed.

    This means that PrivatAccess medical insurance does not cover treatment for the COVID-19 disease. This applies to all variants of PrivatAccess, i.e. PrivatAccess bronze, PrivatAccess silver and PrivatAccess gold.

    We are unable to offer testing or vaccination for COVID-19.

    Treatment in connection with the new coronavirus and COVID-19 are being handled by the public health services.

    We advise you to look for information about the new coronavirus and COVID-19 on the website of the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

    FAQs are available in English on the Public Health Agency’s website.

    Information about the new coronavirus and COVID-19 is also available in English on the WHO website.
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