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How do I book a doctor's appointment?


I have recently discovered a small lump in my armpit and I would like to have it seen by a doctor.

I have a Silver insurance with you provided by my employer, but I have never used your services.

How do I book an appointment and to which kind of doctor?

Thank you very much!


  • Hi!

    Thank you for contacting Ask us!

    If your problems are not urgent, you can report a new case for assessment via the Euro Accidents app.

    Read on our website how to seek care via the app. There you can also watch a film (1:42 minutes) about how it works.

    If you do not want to use our app, you can call one of our nurses on phone number: 0771–10 50 10. Opening hours - Euro Accident.

    We cannot make any medical judgments in this forum. If your problems are acute, you need to turn to emergency care. You can contact 1177 for advice on where to go for emergency care. In case of danger to life, always call 112! Emergency care is not included in PrivatAccess, except that in many cases we can reimburse patient fees in public care up to the high-cost cover.

    Best regards
    Helene Kundservice

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