Covid Recovery Certificate?


I've been sick with Covid in May. Following Swedish regulations, I isolated myself at home. Ordered a self-test kit. And it was positive. After three weeks I ordered the second one - it was negative. All these records are saved in 1177 journal.
I was expecting to get a Recovery Certificate after this. Because I followed all the rules.

Now at the eHälsomyndigheten website
I see that they require a test done by the medical staff! But they asked to isolate and not go anywhere! I skipped my vaccination time to give other people, who were not sick, ability to get protection. Now I look like a loser. That's not fair.

Is it possible to make a request for the Recovery Certificate somehow still?


  • Hi Dmytro,

    Thank you for your enquiry. I am sorry for your situation.

    You need to call 1177  to get an answer to your question.

    Private medical insurance PrivatAccess does not cover treatment for the COVID-19 disease. This applies to all variants of PrivatAccess, i.e. PrivatAccess Bronze, PrivatAccess Silver and PrivatAccess Gold.

    We are also unable to offer testing, certificate or vaccination for COVID-19.

    Treatment, certificate and testing in connection with COVID-19 are being handled by the public health services.

    Take care!

    Kind regards
    Helene Kundservice

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