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Staff member on longer sick leave. How do I report that?

Hi there

One of my staff is having a longer sick leave (due to stress and anxiety). It is day 10 now. He has a Euro Accident insurance from our company. I see that I (as his employer) should report this to Euro Accident. How should I do that?




  • Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your question.

    When your employee is at risk of being on long-term sick leave or has recently been on sick leave and there is a need for work related rehabilitation, you as the employer can submit a claim for Rehabilitation - ComeBack.
    Euro Accident must receive this claim no later than the 30th day of sick leave.

    Klick on the link below to fill in the Claim form
    Form (euroaccident.com)

    Call us if you have any further questions at our phonenumber 0771-10 50 16.

    Have a good day
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