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  • Hej!

    This is the first time I go to doctors through Euro Accident so I am not sure of how the costs will be handled.
    Last week I went to a doctor and payed 500 SEK and the doctor referred me to have an MRI at a radiology provider (Evidia).
    I wonder if I will handle the payment for the MRI too?

    Thanks in advance,
  • Hi Deshna,

    Thank you for your question.

    I assume that the SEK 500 you paid was your deductible in your Private medical insurance PrivatAccess. If the MRI applies to the same matter in which you have already paid a deductible, you should not pay a new deductible again.

    I hope that answered your question, if not, you are most welcome back.

    Best regards
    Helene Kundservice
  • Hej!

    I have severe pain from a wisdom tooth that needs surgically removing, is this covered under Private medical insurance silver
  • Hi Ryan!

    Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear about your pain. 

    The Private medical insurance does not cover dental treatment.

    Best regards
    Sofie Skadereglering
  • Is the PrivatAccess Silver cover dental?
  • Hi Ella, thank you for your question.
    PrivatAccess silver does not cover dental care.

    Best regards
    Rebecca Skadereglerare

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