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Will I be reimbursed for visits public healthcare centers if I have PrivatAccess?

If you have Private medical insurance PrivatAccess, you can in many cases receive compensation for public care up to the high-cost cover if it is covered by your insurance conditions. Please refer to your terms and conditions for detailed information.

If your costs relate to a new case and you have not reported it to Euro Accident before, contact the claims department on +46 (0)771–10 50 14 and file a claim, they will also assess your claims during the call.

If you have previously been in contact with Euro Accident and reported your case, you can submit a claim in three ways:
  • Take a picture of the receipt and send it via the Euro Accidents app.
  • Call the phone number: 0771–10 50 14. Opening hours - Euro Accident.
  • Compile and send by post to: Euro Accident, PrivatAccess Livförsäkring AB, Bäckgatan 16, 352 31 Växjö.
Euro Accident


  • I visit hospital to meet a doctor in XXXX for my ear problem.
    I paid 200.00 SEK, but I didnot receive the receipt.
    In this case, can I get the reimbursement?

    for getting the reimbursement generally, I take a picture of receipt and attach them here or other site?
  • Hello,

    I recommend you to go back to the health center and ask for a receipt.

    If you want to claim a reimbursement you have to contact us at telephone number 0771 10 50 14 if it's a case you haven't reported to us earlier.

    If it's regarding an old case that we already has registered you can take a picture of the receipt and send it to us through our mobile app.

    It is not possible to get help with a reimbursement trough this forum.

    Kind regards
    Euro Accident

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